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It doesn't respond to addresses outside it subnet. What I think I need is NAT rules that use 192.168.100.x for and the public IP address for ... – 192.168.l00.1 is a private IP Address used as a default gateway address to log in as admin to router settings. It is assigned ...Huawei: root

This is the most common question; is the IP address you are using to log in for your wifi router correct or not? Here is some Right Vs Wrong Combination ...

That was not my question. bbearren wrote: Have you tried bypassing your router? Connect your PC Ethernet cable directly to Port 1 on the modem and try ...The IP address belongs to the private address space, and it's used by local network devices to identify themselves. Despite its strange appearance ...

1.1) much more often than 192.168.100.x. Was this page helpful?

Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged. routing · subnet · networking. or ask your own question. ... Five Stack Exchange ...

Question: The # nmap --script=ftp-brute \( 192.168 .100 .1 \) command attempts a brute-force attack to guess usernames and passwords on the FTP server on ...

<a href="" target="_blank">Check this Site:</a>. Copy to Clipboard.

Well the answer to question what is the difference between is simple that both of them are different IP addresses of a network. router login and password for your device at We will help you get into your router or other devices on your network ...

Yesterday i learned that when you bridge your Comcast gateway, you can no longer access it with but instead 192.168.100.

However, it is set to have all connected devices have IP 192.168.100. ... You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot ...

The IP address provides you the admin access to your router and helps you make changes to your network settings. You can configure the default ...

Log in to the administration page of the router (refer to question 1:How to use to log in to the ... IP First Three Bytes: 192.168.100. is a Private IP Address for use only inside of a Private Network. This address can be used by routers, modems, and other many devices. You are ... – 192.168.l00.1 is a private IP Address that is used as a default gateway address to login as admin to settings of router.‎Change WiFi Password · ‎Default Router Passwords · ‎ · ‎ – 192.168.l00.1 is the default IP address to login admin panel to change WiFi password, SSID, and router settings at

192.168.100. 1, empty, empty. 192.168.l00.1 huawei, Huawei, 1234. ip:, 192.168.l00.1 huawei login, user. 192.168.100.q, admin, Password.

As is a personal IPv4 network address, means that you can't attach to the user router or device from outside the local network similarly with the ... is one of the most popular admin IP addresses for routers and most of the manufacturers use it. Other common IP addresses for router login are and You can directly enter the IP address to get the admin access of your router at home. The manufacturers currently using the IP address are Ambit Microsystems, Motorola, Ubee, Arris, Askey, Lenovo, Netronix, Planet, SmartRG, Unbranded, and ZyXEL.   

Each Wifi Router comes with all necessary info on the Box and Backside sticker. The Router Backside has a sticker that will tell you the following information:Default Login IP address, Username, PasswordRouter Mac Address and ManufacturerOther Information.

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You must note down the previous settings or the default settings of your router before making any changes. This is a preventive measure in case the router stops working, or you're unable to connect to the network after the changes. Thus, you will be able to revert the changes and go back to the old working settings. However, if you're unable to resolve the issues, you will have to reset your router. You can reset your router by pressing the button at its end for 15-30 seconds. This will reboot the router and put the default settings in place. After this, you will be able to log on to the router with the default credentials and change the settings accordingly. 

No certificate informations found. Perhaps only http - connections.

If you're having issues accessing your router at (long loading or not loading at all),

Open the Command Prompt on Windows PC Type ipconfig and hit the Enter Button. Then Check For the Default Gateway and the IP address in front of this line is your Router’s Default Login IP.Find IP Address on Linux PC:

192.168.100. 1

The most common default logins for IP address are Username: admin, Password: admin

Thanks for your feedback. is one of the IP addresses that belong to the category of private IP address. It can be assigned to any device on the local network and is also the default IP address of many routers and modems such as those from Huawei and NETGEAR.

IP Range

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You said that the router is connected to a switch, how is this router connected to this switch? On Router LAN or WAN port? You said that accessing goes a WebIS page (not the router configuration page), it is the switch configuration page.Yes, WebIs are probably a switch configuration. Honestly, not even a colleague knows. I'm not sure how exactly the switch is connected, anyway, via Wi-Fi I connect directly to the router and the connected switch has no effect on that. Or is it?

NETGEAR Password List

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If you haven't changed your router's username and password. The following list provides the default credentials. Click your router from the list below:admin - admin n/a - (none) N/A - N/A admin - (none) admin - password How to find your router's IP address

Firms set up router admin access in this address to allow network administrators to configure their routers and networks.


Select the Brand of your Router:

Step 2: Then Go to Admin Setting and Click on Password.

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Visit Basic > Wireless.

#1: You can look up the IP addresses related to your router online. You will be able to get a list of the commonly used IP addresses and see which one belongs to your router. 

7. Comments1. General Results, most used to calculate the resultAname "" is ipv4 address, public suffix is not definedY192.168.100.1192.168.100.1Warning: Private ip address found. No connection possible. There are two types of ip addresses: Worldwide unique, global addresses and private addresses. If you want that other users connect your domain, your domain must have minimal one A- (ipv4) or AAAA- (ipv6) entry with a global ip address. Check to understand the details: to Class C - 256 private net, every with 256 addressesBNo _mta-sts TXT record found (mta-sts: Mail Transfer Agent Strict Transport Security - see RFC 8461). Read the result of (Url-Checks, Comments, Connections and DomainServiceRecords) to see a complete definition. Domainname: _mta-sts. Header-Checks (alpha, started 2022-10-23, may be buggy / incomplete)3. DNS- and NameServer - Checks4. Content- and Performance-critical ChecksADuration: 4327 milliseconds, 4.327 seconds8. Connections

No Screenshot listed, because no url-check with https + http status 200-299, 400-599 + not-ACME-check found.

3. Name Servers

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15. DomainService - Entries (SSHFP Check is new - 2022-09-24, may be incomplete, alpha, some results are required)

No CAA entries found

Login modem panel http : //

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